You Already Know About Document Shredding – But How Are You Dealing With Electronic Data?

Monday, July 21, 2014 9:15 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Once upon a time, businesses only dealt with paper documents. Everything was typed, printed or even faxed, and if you had a crucial document – something that needed to be kept secure, or destroyed in the interest of protecting your or your customers’ privacy, you could find it in the appropriate file and use a shredder or a document destruction service to deal with it accordingly. But these days, times have changed. While paper documents are still, in most cases, the backbone of any business’s corporate and contractual dealings, so much information is transferred, stored, dealt with and used electronically that simply dealing with the safe and secure destruction of your paper materials is not enough to keep your business on the right side of the law and your corporate obligations.

At Absolute Destruction, we believe that one of the things that sets an adequate document destruction service from a truly great one is its ability to keep up with changes in the way business is done, and the formats that sensitive documents can take. While we certainly pride ourselves on being able to offer the widest possible range of physical document destruction services (everything from one-time cleanups and purges to regularly scheduled destruction appointments and even on-call services) we also want to be able to offer our clients every possible option when it comes to the safe and secure destruction of all their sensitive or secure information, including that which is stored electronically.

We offer a range of services for the secure destruction of sensitive electronic information as wide and comprehensive as those we offer for physical documents: from old hard drives to CDs, credit card information, and even older formats such as videotapes, magnetic tapes and microfiche. It is never an option to throw these types of technologies away – just like paper documents, if they fall into the wrong hands or are intercepted somewhere between your business and a recycling plant or garbage facility, your business could become legally liable for putting private information at risk. It’s an enormous liability to not dispose of your electronic information properly – but how do you make sure you’ve done it the right way?

In many cases, the only way to ensure that your old electronic information has been completely and satisfactorily taken care of is to see it physically destroyed. Today’s hard drives and electronic equipment are so well-made that it takes a professional to ensure they are destroyed correctly; that’s where we come in. Our hard drive “crusher,” which we bring to you and use on-site, is one of the only ways you can make sure the data on your hard drive is irretrievably destroyed.

In the interest of eco-friendly resource management, we will also do everything we can to help recycle the materials left over once your devices have been destroyed, and present you with a certificate of recycling once the session is complete. If you attempted this kind of work on your own, not only is there a good chance your information would still be retrievable; you might not be able to guarantee that the disposal of these materials falls in line with your company’s corporate guidelines regarding ecological responsibility and recycling.

Using our electronic information destruction service isn’t just the best choice for you; it’s the smartest decision you can make for your business, your clients, and the environment. Contact us today to make an appointment and ensure the best possible destruction of your data.

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