6 Tips to Avoid Data Breaches

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 8:40 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

A data breach can occur physically and virtually, regardless of whether you work from the office or home. The thought of the potential losses incurred through a data breach can give you a nightmare.

To stop the threat of security breaches from haunting you, you must take measures to prevent such an event. Despite the size of the business, a data breach can harm any company. Some companies may be more vulnerable than others, but you can avoid these potential threats. Here is how.

1. Destroy Unnecessary Documents

The same focus you may have put into creating the documents will be required when you destroy them. Using commercial destruction services will enable a firm to protect data professionally. 

If you store your client, patient, or employees’ confidential data, you might be putting them at risk. So, ensuring that the data gets discarded when no longer needed will help you gain their trust and prevent you from being the target of a security attack. Reducing the volume of information and only keeping necessary files can help you stay organized as well. 

2. Restrict Access

It may be beneficial to lock rooms that contain sensitive information until you employ document destruction services. By limiting access to spaces that manage private records, you may be able to prevent a data breach.

Every business should conduct employee background checks before hiring an individual. It is also vital that you only provide access to restricted areas only to employees that need to enter the space for work. Safeguarding data is essential while attempting to prevent data breaches.

3. Provide Security Training

It is necessary to train employees to tackle data security issues. Your company can avoid data breaches if staff members are provided with information beforehand. This would require consistent training and updated information whenever a new potential risk arrives. 

It may be helpful to reward your employees after they complete training, to ensure that they take the issue seriously. Not every team member will realize the impact of a data breach if they are not adequately trained for it. 

4. Have a Routine

Getting your team accustomed to a particular routine might motivate them to prioritize security threats. This approach could include ensuring that they log in to a secured network when they work, sign in to their account before attempting to access any data, and beyond. 

When all members are on board, it is easier to ensure who accessed the data, and the company can keep a record of it. When an employee takes their work home to complete it or leaves the company, they may still have access to confidential information on their personal devices. To maintain commercial security at all times, you can also shred electronic devices by destroying a device’s microchips. 

5. Install Surveillance Cameras

This may seem like a no-brainer, but several industries do not use surveillance cameras in the office. While it may not be necessary to set cameras in every room, it is still vital that you install cameras in areas that consist of sensitive information.

6. Develop a Back-up Plan

Things do not always happen according to plan A, so it is essential to have plan B. So, if your attempts to avoid a data breach do not work, create a solution in advance to tackle the problem.

Develop a comprehensive breach plan that allows all the company stakeholders to prepare for any data breach. Remaining transparent throughout the process can motivate all staff members to work more efficiently and be proactive.

Sometimes, a data breach may occur, and you may not be able to control it. However, going the extra mile to protect your company can be beneficial in the long run.

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