Paper Documentation Matters in a Digital World

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 10:09 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

We live in an age of fantastic digital technology, but paper documentation is here to stay. Having a document in tangible form is still the ultimate way to possess it, especially signed contracts or other necessary forms.

No matter how digital technology evolves, paper documents will always have a place in your home and office. Let’s check out some more reasons why.

Official Documentation

Signing on the dotted line will always be the most official way to sign a document and bind oneself in a contract. Digital signatures can be practical when people can’t go into offices and need to remain home.

But if the option is there, or the stakes are high, the in-person signature on an actual piece of paper is the most official way to sign a document. Every lawyer and person in business uses digital devices to communicate back and forth.

When it comes to binding together two parties in a legal contract, paper documents are here to stay. The security paper provides is even more appreciated at a time when more people than ever are working from home, so get office shredding where you live if you’ve become a remote worker.

Reading on Paper is Preferred to a Screen

Most people spend hours a day looking at a digital screen. You’re reading one right now!

Reading a digital screen is OK in short bursts, but if you have a long document, it’s more comfortable to read a paper version of it. This desire for readability applies to long contracts, proprietary information, intellectual property like a script, and other common forms of document.

Even with convenient digital forms of information, people will always prefer reading a paper document. When you need home document shredding to eliminate tangible forms of sensitive information, call Absolute Destruction.

Paper Can’t Be Hacked

Nothing matters more than security, and even the world’s most advanced hacker can’t hack a paper document! Tangible documents are impervious to hacks, and this level of security can’t be ignored.

Most people aren’t security experts and lack the time and expertise to ensure their communications are impenetrable. Even devices with end-to-end encryption can be hacked if the hacker finds another vulnerability. They can get their hands on the physical device itself or bypass the encryption altogether and obtain your communications via some other route.

Digital technology is very convenient, but its convenience is a double-edged sword. When security is paramount, and it often is, people will always default to using paper documents that can’t be hacked.

It’s easy to take paper documents for granted in an era of futuristic technology, but paper was a ground-breaking technology that changed world history! Paper serves essential functions that even the most impressive digital technology can’t offer. The future will always have paper documents, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep every piece of paper around. When you need to eliminate your sensitive papers securely, call the leading shredding company in Toronto and the GTA, Absolute Destruction.

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