Reasons Why Professional Paper Shredding is Easy on the Wallet

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 8:45 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Most companies require shredding services since they have confidential data that need to remain secure. Protecting personal information is a legal requirement that every company must comply with at any given time.

You might have a small shredding device in your office, which you will use in the process. The next step will be to toss unnecessary into the recycle bin. But, can you assure that all the data your company has access to is secure after that? What if your shredder does not destroy every piece of information? Once the papers are discarded and accessible to the public, identity theft or other data breaches can occur. 

Are the costs you save from in-house shredding worth it? Here are a few things you should consider.

DIY Paper Shredding Can Cost You

Sometimes it seems like a better option to take things into your hand to save money. But, in some cases, doing that might end up costing you more. For services like paper shredding, taking the do-it-yourself approach might cost you. 

Assigning the paper document shredding task to regular employees could be a security breach. They might gain access to information that they should not have. It can also save you time since your employee may not be as efficient at the task. Professional shredding companies such as Absolute Destruction can perform the task without error while eliminating the security breach risk.

Regular Shredding May Result in Discounts 

Much like many other services, developing a relationship with a professional shredding service can save you money. Your workplace will most likely have documents that need you will need to destroy daily. If not, you might still need the service regularly. So, using services that can give you a long-term quote can help you save some money. 

Absolute Destruction provides services for paper shredding in Mississauga both on and off-site. You can decide which method better suits your company and we will set a price for you accordingly. 

Employee Error Can Ruin Your Reputation

If you decide to save professional service costs by assigning the task to your employee, there is a chance there might be an error. An employee who is not trained to perform shredding tasks may make a mistake that could end up resulting in a data breach. This will make your company’s clients/patients/employees vulnerable to identity theft and harm your brand’s credibility. 

2016 data breach study found that most of them occurred from employee error. You might be putting your company's security at risk by asking regular employees to perform these tasks.

Equipment Maintenance Can be Expensive

If you are using a desktop shredder for document shredding and your employee does not know precisely how to use it, it may be expensive to fix the issue. Shredding services would also need to be regularly updated, which is an additional cost. These expenses may be lower than a professional shredder cost. However, if the maintenance is done periodically, it may not be worth choosing that option over professional services.

Hiring a professional shredding company can help your company remain secure without being a burden on your wallet. 

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