What Environmentally Friendly Document Destruction Looks Like

Friday, July 29, 2022 11:14 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

The world continues to progress aggressively in technology and various consumer products. Unfortunately, our past and current manufacturing actions continue to have an adverse environmental impact, producing irreparable damages from making essential items like metal, paper, and fabric.

This ongoing problem has prompted many consumers to spend their hard-earned money on more sustainable products to help prevent further environmental damage, forcing many companies to go green in any way they can.

In Canada, companies that aren't even involved in the retailing industry can still find a way to be eco-friendly through practices like sustainable paper shredding. If you drive around places like Ontario, you can find a document destruction service going around cities to shred and retrieve paper for reuse, offering a way for companies, even homeowners, to take part in helping the environment.

Keep reading below to know how something as simple as document shredding can help your company or home achieve sustainability.

How Reusing Paper Can Help the Environment

Sheets of paper still play a significant role in most companies today, being that they're still needed for transactions, agreements, and packaging.

Most new paper products are sourced from recently cut-down forests, which continuously harm the environment. Turning over your shredded paper to a recycling facility helps reduce deforestation and all the energy and resources needed to make them. In addition, recycling would lessen the paper waste that fills dumpsites and the need to create more landfills. This could further damage the environment due to the toxic gas from organic waste. That's why reusing paper is a significant sustainable move, especially for all businesses.

Generally, recycling paper involves breaking it down into its primary and reusable components. These components will be mixed with water to make a pulp, an essentiial material in the process. The pulp will be washed, refined, and prepared for manufacturing a new paper product. This recycling process needs professional care, so you must send your shredded paper to service providers.

Why Go With Eco-Friendly Document Destruction Services

Companies and homeowners mainly shred paper to boost security by destroying sensitive documents before malicious individuals get to them, preventing problems like identity theft and more. Although you can invest in a shredder and do the process yourself, you can do that and more by partnering with a shredding company that offers sustainable document destruction services.

These companies, which are part of a growing industry in Canada, aim to give you that boost of security while helping out the environment. For instance, if you're looking for paper shredding in Markham or anywhere in Ontario, you will likely get sustainable services while keeping your confidential information from prying eyes.

Did you know?

“The first ever shredder can be associated with entrepreneur Abbot Augustus Low, patented in February 1909, but unfortunately, he died before he could reproduce the machine. Meanwhile, a man named Adolf Ehinger from Germany invented a similar device based on the mechanism of a pasta maker in 1935. It was initially used to shred Nazi-related documents but later marketed to numerous companies for commercial use.”  

Safe Document Destruction in the Eco-Friendly Way With Absolute Destruction

The world continues to experience more man-made damages from various manufacturing efforts. While the problems may seem irreversible today, there's a lot we can do to prevent harming the environment further. Even something as simple as shredding paper could allow people and companies to help out.

If you're looking for professional shredding services in Canada that cares about the environment, talk to Absolute Destruction! Absolute Destruction provides sustainable shredding operations for companies and homes, with services like mobile shredding, on-site or off-site shredding, and retrieving shredded materials for reuse. Visit Absolute Destruction today for more!

With the help of our team at Absolute Destruction, you won't need to worry about experiencing identity theft or increasing your carbon footprint. Contact us today to have your confidential documents shredded sustainably.

FAQs on Environmentally Friendly Document Destruction

1. Do you need to remove staples and paper clips before shredding?

If you're partnering with professional shredding services, you don't need to because they can easily cut through them. They can even go through binder clips if you're ready to throw them out.

2. Does shredded paper only come out in long thin strips?

Today, various shredding machines offer different cutting finishes, such as cutting paper into tiny bits or small square pieces.

3. What are the different methods for shredding paper?

Among the most common shredding methods include strip-cut, cross-cut, particle-cut, and pierce and tear. They provide different cutting finishes, and all ensure security.

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